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Many rates are derived from multiple taxing jurisdictions. See how they add up.

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Avalara AvaTax Dashboard

Take the next step. Automate your sales tax.

AvaTax plugs into the software that you already own, to automate your sales tax compliance. From accurate rates, and exemption certificate and document management, to filing your state returns, Avalara helps you spend more time growing your business and less time thinking about sales tax.

How It Works

Discover Avalara's suite of free sales tax tools.


If you need a rate table, Avalara TaxRates is the right place. Providing businesses with free sales tax rate tables for every state.


Sales tax reporting, made easy. Fast and accurate filing and remittance reports for online sellers on sites like Amazon or Paypal.


A free exemption certificate creation tool. Quickly and accurately create, share and manage sales tax exemption certificates.